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Passionate About Innovation.

Ongoing innovation

HotSpring leads the industry in state-of-the-art design and energy- efficient performance.

Many of the innovations that were first introduced by Hot Spring are now used industry-wide. With more than 118 US patents and many exclusive features found only on Hot Spring spas, you can trust that we are constantly innovating to bring you The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.


Spend less time caring for water and more time creating memories.

Easy Water Care

The ACE® Salt Water System : This highly effective, low-maintenance salt water system is a HotSpring® exclusive, and is an option for all Highlife Collection spas.


100% No-Bypass Filtration

All the water in your Highlife® Collection spa is filtered all the time. In other spas, water bypasses the filters when the jets are on – which is when you need filtered water the most. Our Highlife Collection spas include up to five filters enabling all the water to pass through the filters, even when the jets are running. Highlife Collection spas are the only spas with 100% no-bypass filtration.



Absolutely efficient in every way

The EnergySmart® System

You won’t have to worry about high energy bills because Highlife® Collection spas feature our comprehensive EnergySmart system, which keeps the water at your desired temperature while using the least amount of energy possible.

Totally Insulated

Full foam insulation, the same material found in commercial freezers, is applied in multiple layers of varying density to maximize energy efficiency. This exclusive technique helps eliminate gaps and voids in the foam that can increase energy usage.



At HotSpring®, we are committed to providing you with The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®, which means you can count on excellent quality and customer care from our team, as well as from your local Hot Spring retailer.

Commitment to Quality

With HotSpring, you can count on quality that is made to last. In addition to helpful service from our team of retailers, each of our spas comes with a comprehensive warranty backed by a manufacturer you can trust. HotSpring sells more hot tubs than any other brand worldwide and remains committed to standing behind our products and customers. You don’t have to take our word for it – you can read product reviews and stories from HotSpring customers right on the website at




Get lost in conversation, not timers or temperature settings. With the most advanced and intuitive controls available, HotSpring® spas are easy to operate.

Advanced Controls, Simple Operation

Be confident that your HotSpring® spa is hot and ready before you even step outside. The On/Ready indicator lights, incorporated in the Hot Spring logo on the front of your spa, can be seen even with the cover on. These lights also serve as a helpful diagnostic tool letting you know when your spa needs attention.

Set It and Forget It.

The spa control system makes your spa simple to operate, with no programming required. To heat your spa, simply decide what water temperature you like, then “set it and forget it.” In the event of a power outage, the spa automatically resumes normal operation once power is restored.




More than 30 years ago, we patented the very first moving hydrotherapy jet. Today, our next-generation Moto-Massage DX jet still provides
HotSpring owners with an unparalleled hydromassage experience.

Exclusive to HotSpring, the Moto-Massage DX jet delivers two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down the entire length of your back. Meanwhile, four Precision® jets positioned above every Moto-Massage DX jet vigorously massage your neck and shoulders. Together, these jets work in harmony to melt away tension and soreness.



Technology that fits your life

Exclusive HotSpring® innovations keep you on the cutting edge. Cool stuff – like our Connextion™ remote monitoring system and wireless Bluetooth entertainment options – give you more control over your spa and allow you to customize your experience.

Sound system

with Bluetooth® wireless technology...


Connextion - Remote Spa Monitoring System

The Connextion system also offers convenient remote access to spa functions,...


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