The options are endless...


customeOur Custom Cabinet spas allow you to select any style of exterior surface, so your spa can fit perfectly with your outdoor space and style. Whether you’re working with a landscape architect pick a matching Custom Cabinet spa exterior or simply adding a partial or full surround to your Hot Spring, you can capture a beautiful look with Custom Cabinets, from Hot Spring SpaStone® to custom siding of your choice. With a Custom Cabinet option, the possibilities are endless.

View our Custom Installation Guide : A first-of-its-kind, 28-page full-color booklet that helps consumers, landscape contractors and architects successfully incorporate a Hot Spring spa into seamless-looking in-ground and in-deck settings. Consumers can use the Guide to familiarize themselves with a custom project, or give it to their landscape designer or contractor for reference.


Custom Cabinet spas are shipped with 3/4-inch, sealant-treated BCX plywood sheets that cover the spa's inner structure, plumbing, and electrical components. The plywood façade provides a solid surface to which custom sidings can be attached. Vertical supports beneath the plywood provide additional support for heavier materials like flagstone, that may be attached to the plywood.




Use an exterior covering such as faux brick, faux slate rock, teakwood, aluminum, brushed steel, stone or any other material to create your own custom look.



For a solution tailored specifically for your HotSpring spa, select a full or partial SpaStone surround in Earth or Gray.



The SpaStone Partial Surround offers a built-in appearance with all the benefits of a Hot Spring portable spa. The surround extends 23 inches below the spa bar top and features a convenient step that extends the length of the spa. The bottom of the surround is designed to harmoniously meet up with a deck or other surface to complete the built-in appearance.



The SpaStone Full Surround is an alternative to the synthetic wood cabinets that usually cover portable spas. It is ideal for fully above-ground installations. Matching 48-inch steps are available to complete the SpaStone look. SpaStone surrounds and steps are available in earth and gray colors.

Complete the SpaStone look with the addition of optional matching SpaStone steps. Add the optional CoverCradle® cover lifter to a full surround spa, or the UpRite® cover lifter to a partial surround installation. After a nice relaxing soak, you'll appreciate how easily your cover glides back in place.