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Set It and Forget It

The IQ 2020® spa control system makes your Highlife® Collection spa simple to operate, with no programming required. To heat your spa, simply decide what water temperature you like, then “set it and forget it.” In the event of a power outage, the spa automatically resumes normal operation once power is restored.

Simple Operation

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Highlife Collection spas include our bartop LCD control panel with full-color screen and simple-to-navigate menus. You’ll have these advanced controls mastered in just minutes. Below, the Limelight LCD control panel :
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Ready, Set, Soak

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Be confident that your HotSpring® spa is hot and ready before you even step outside. The On/Ready indicator lights, incorporated in the HotSpring logo on the front of your spa, can be seen even with the cover on. These lights also serve as a helpful diagnostic tool letting you know when your spa needs attention.
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Your Favorite Settings

Store your favorite light and jet settings then quickly recreate your customized setup with the simple press of a button.

Quick Clean

Perfect for a quick post-soak refresh, or when adding chemicals to the water, our convenient clean cycle circulates spa water for ten minutes.


For added convenience the HIGHLIFE NXT COLLECTION and the HIGHLIFE COLLECTION Grandee and Envoy models feature our unique wireless remote control with touchscreen technology.

The most advanced control panel available, it features a full color screen with large icons and intuitive menus that make it easy to adjust spa functions.

Remove the remote from the bartop charging dock and carry into the spa to adjust jets, lighting and even music from your favorite seat, then set the panel in the secondary bartop resting station while you relax.