With HotSpring®, you can count on quality that is made to last.



Overview of what makes your Hotspring spa exeptional and unique.

  • Water Care

    Water Care

    Always Filtered, Always Sparkling Crystal clear spa water is essential to your spa experience, which is why we put so
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  • Our Revolutionary Jet Systems

    Our Revolutionary Jet Systems

    We design spas based on how you will actually use them. The ComfortControl® system lets you customize the strength of
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  • Water Features and Fountains

    Water Features and Fountains

    With a Hot Spring water feature, you can relax in your spa while enjoying the soothing sound of a cascading
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  • LED Lighting Systems

    LED Lighting Systems

    LUMINESCENCE® Light Your Night : Create subtle lighting on an otherwise dark night, or a medley of color for your next
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  • Simple Controls

    Simple Controls

    Set It and Forget It The IQ 2020® spa control system makes your Highlife® Collection spa simple to operate, with
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  • Advanced Efficiency

    Advanced Efficiency

    The EnergySmart® System You won’t have to worry about high energy bills because Highlife® Collection spas feature our comprehensive EnergySmart
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  • Wireless Sound System

    Wireless Sound System

    Music from inside or outside your spa Whether you are entertaining friends or relaxing with your spouse, our wireless sound
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  • Cabinet and Shell

    Cabinet and Shell

    Expertly Designed With help from world-renowned design experts at BMW Group DesignworksUSA, we set out to redefine the way a
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  • Custom Cabinets

    Custom Cabinets

    Our Custom Cabinet spas allow you to select any style of exterior surface, so your spa can fit perfectly with
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